Online Dog Trainer Review

This is dog training for puppies and older dogs found online in the form of videos. The creator of this training product, Daniel Abdelnoor is affectionately referred to as Doggy Dan and he has been in business since 2006.



The Online Dog Trainer
Doggy Dan

Sign Up Price: $1.00 for 3 days
Price: $37.00 per month; 6 mo for $147
Owner Daniel Abdelnoor affectionately known as Doggy Dan
Overall Rank: 99 out of 100


Doggy Dan’s Background

• Lives in Auckland, New Zealand
• Married with kids
• Qualified Dog Listener Basic and Advanced certificates
• Dog Behaviourist
• Dog & Puppy Trainer
• Courses in Canine Behaviour & Psychology
• Courses in Advanced Aggression
• Active member of Association of Pet Dog Trainers(APDT)
• Highly acclaimed author
• Animal Rights Activist
• Media Personality

He has successfully trained over 1000 puppies and dogs one on one plus countless more in groups. He is so well respected by the Royal New Zealand SPCA that they use his website to help train their staff.

So now that we know a bit about the fella behind Online Dog Trainer what is it all about?

The Online Dog Trainer covers all kinds of dog training related topics such as:

• Pulling on the leash
• Jumping on people
• Not coming when called

The Online Dog Trainer Review
Doggy Dan Review

• Aggression
• Potty training issues
• Digging
• Chewing
• Separation Anxiety
• Barking
• Eating poop
• Excessive licking
• etc

Training Methods

The Online Dog Trainer only uses a kind and gentle approach when it comes to training puppies and dogs. His training is broken down into various sections.

Section One – This section teaches you “How To Be The Pack Leader”.  This is the foundation for the rest of the training.  Learn this and the rest of the training will be so much easier.

Section Two – This section deals with the Tools and Techniques that you will be using every day when you are training your puppy or dog.

Section Three –  Deals with Puppy Training with the focus being on socializing your puppy, behavioural issues common to puppies and learning commands.

Section Four – this section is very unique indeed. It is called Project Moses Video Diary. It follows the training of Doggy Dan’s eight week old puppy Moses up until he is a year old. You get to watch as Doggy Dan trains his own puppy.

online dog trainer review
Dan & Moses

Section Five -although you may want to jump to this section first thing Doggy Dan recommends learning at least how to be the pack leader first.  This section deals with dog problems. Any behavioural issues you can think of are covered in this section.

Section Six – This section deals with dog training. This is where you will start to connect with your dog. By following the tips given to you by Doggy Dan you will start to see your once misbehaving dog now become a good canine citizen.

All of the training found on Doggy Dan’s site is done through video. There are over 250 videos on the site. There is also a forum where you can communicate with Doggy Dan and members of his team. If you are having a problem with your dog then they can help you find a solution.


Doggy Dan continues to make videos of himself training various dogs which you will also have access to.

online dog training review
online dog training review

You get all this plus more for $37.00 per month. If you are unsure you can take a look around for 3 days for just $1.00. If you like what you see do nothing and the monthly payments will kick in. If you do not wish to join at this time then make sure you cancel before the 3 days is up.

Online Dog Trainer Review – What I Liked

When researching this product you come across a lot of satisfied customers so this leaves me with the impression that Doggy Dan is the real deal. Another thing I really like about this product is Doggy Dan himself. I have to admit it but I am a sucker when it comes to an accent and I love the way he talks. I could listen to that voice all day long. It is a very clear distinct voice that I find has a somewhat calming effect. However I’m not the only one that loves that voice.  The dogs seem to fall under his spell as well which is obvious from watching the videos. In all his videos not once do you hear him raise his voice and shout at the dogs he is training. This is quite the opposite to some other training videos I have watched.

The other things that I liked about The Online Dog Trainer is the amount of content found on this site.  You have all the videos over 250 of them, you also have audio files which are great to listen to after you have watched the videos and you also have the Moses project.  Moses is Doggy Dan’s dog who he has raised from 8 weeks of age and has filmed the journey of his training and shared it with us.

Online Dog Trainer Review – What I Didn’t Like

The only thing that I am not keen on is the monthly fee. I would prefer just a onetime fee. I can understand though why he does have this set up as a membership site. He is constantly updating the videos plus the forum is an active part of the membership.  Doggy Dan is also an active member of the forum so you do have access to him.

Overall Thoughts

Overall I think The Online Dog Trainer is a great product and well worth the money – yes even the monthly membership fee.  Dan offers so much content through his many videos and ongoing support through the forum.  You can see that he truly is passionate about what he does and if your dog needs help Doggy Dan is the guy that can help.

The endorsement from the New Zealand SPCA speaks volumes as to just how dedicated he is to helping dogs and their owners.  If you need help with learning how to train your dog this is definitely the product for you.

I definitely would recommend Doggy Dan’s Online Training to anyone who has just gotten a puppy or has an older dog that needs some training. Also for any one that is having some behavioural issues with their dog I would definitely recommend Doggy Dan.  If you would like to take a peek at Doggy Dan’s site watch the following.




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    • montse
    • March 3, 2016

    Hello MBrownie,
    I went through your website, about Dog training online, which I didn´t know existed. So its quite interesting what the Dog training course can do, and especially if it works with the videos online, there’s no point to go to Australia with Danny, right?
    Thanks for sharing this information. I’m a dog lover too.
    Keep posting.

      • Maureen
      • March 4, 2016

      I am glad you went through my site and found it interesting. The videos are good because you can see what Dan is actually doing rather then try and picture it in your head. The great thing about videos and his membership site you don’t have to travel to benefit from his training.

    • Ilyssa
    • March 3, 2016

    Thank you for your great review. I am with you about preferring a one time cost, though I imagine I could always cancel once I had the tools that I needed. I don’t have a dog but am considering getting one. I think it would be preferable to have all of this advice going into it, so I don’t have to retrain the dog.

    • Cathy
    • March 3, 2016

    Hi there,

    My dog has a serious case of separation anxiety issue and it’s something we have been struggling for years. Due to my hectic work schedule, I am unable to bring her for classes so having the option to learn from an expert online is a plus.

    My question – when you pay $37 per month, do you get access to all 6 sections at once? What are the additional perks that are included in this package fee?

    Thank you.

      • Maureen
      • March 14, 2016

      Hi Cathy Once you sign up for the $37.00 a month you can access all 6 sections. Doggy Dan’s welcome video does tell you where to start and why. The perks would be access to the Forum, access to the Download Library and access to the weekly video updates. I can’t give away his secrets but he does have a section on separation anxiety. Good luck with your dog.

    • Jennifer B
    • March 3, 2016

    With so many different dog training books and programs out there, it can be very difficult to find which one works best, and of course time is of the essence when you have a misbehaving K9.

    Of course everyone has heard of Cesar Milan, aka the Dog Whisper, so its nice to see that there are other alternatives out there. I do have to agree with you on the monthly charge though. It may make sense if he is constantly providing new content, but one would almost think that it would just end up being a re-hash of the same thing, because to be honest how many different doggy issues could their possibly be?

    Great review!

    • Karen
    • September 1, 2017

    This is an awesome review on online dog training with an expert trainer. I wish I knew this was available when my 7 year old Airedale Terrier was a puppy. We spent hundreds of dollars putting him through obedience classes. The training he got was good but when classes were over, it was over. These video trainings don’t end AND there is access to Dan. With this in mind, the monthly fee makes sense.

      • Maureen
      • September 4, 2017

      Hi Karen thanks for dropping by. I am a firm believer that you can teach an old dog new tricks so even if your Airedale is older now you can still teach him some tricks or just reinforce some good behaviour with him. You make a good point about the recurring fee also and he is constantly updating his training videos.

    • Alice
    • September 3, 2017

    I find Online Dog Trainer to be practical and helpful for dog lovers. We have 3 dogs and the common problems we have with them are excessive barking, chewing and eating poop (disgusting). They tend to bark a lot, not necessarily on strangers, but when they get too excited. They express it by barking. Also, they love to chew on almost anything they get their hands on like shoes, etc.

    I will definitely check this out, thanks for the information.

      • Maureen
      • September 3, 2017

      Hi Alice thanks for your comments.  Our dog right now eats poop also.  The vet recommended this powder to put in her food.  It is suppose to make her food taste bad.  As my husband said how much worse can it taste!  Needless to say it did not work.  We keep a very close eye on her and when she goes we clean up right away but that is not always possible.  When I have caught her eating poop I will brush her teeth to clean her teeth and mouth.  Nothing worse or more disgusting than a mouth smelling like poop.

    • Excelle
    • September 5, 2017

    Great review and to think that the videos are available online, then I won’t be making that trip to Danny.

    Though not quite keen on the monthly subscription I must say the course outline are detailed and would be easy to follow.

    Recently, I’ve been trying to train my Corgi on a variety of things hoping that we would make it on stage Simon Cowells BGT show.
    Do you think my lovely pub stands a chance with these training videos from doggy Dan?

      • Maureen
      • September 5, 2017

      Hi Excelle Training any dog takes time and patience and work.  So if you are willing to put in the time and the work necessary to train your dog anything is possible.  Good luck on getting on BGT.

    • Del
    • September 7, 2017

    Could have done with ‘Doggy Dan’ when our dog was literally chewing through the walls with ‘separation anxiety’! I’m with you and the others that have commented though on the monthly membership as your only going no need access for a specific amount of time and once you get your doggy ‘issues’ sorted out why would you need to continue with a membership. I do like the fact that he has a recommendation from the New Zealand SPCA 🙂

      • Maureen
      • September 7, 2017

      I do understand why he has a monthly membership as he is always updating the site so it is justified.  Usually with a membership site a person will sign up and normally last for around 6 months and then cancel.  A lot of people will try the 3 day trial period for a dollar and then not sign up.  To me that is a great deal not many places will let you in for that cheap. 

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