Choosing The Right Dog

Bringing home a new puppy can be a very joyous time but before you take that step you should back up and make sure you know what you are getting into. Choosing the right dog now can possibly save you a lot of aggravation down the road.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a dog. What size dog do you want. Do you want a big dog or a lap dog. Can you handle a large breed dog? Most large breed dogs do need a lot of exercise and more room than a small dog. Are you an active person or are you more of the couch potato variety human?

choosing the right dog
high energy dog

Another factor to consider when choosing the right dog for you and your family is do you want a dog that requires a lot of grooming or would you prefer a dog that does not need to be brushed on a regular basis. Grooming can be time consuming as well as expensive if you need to take your dog to the groomers on a regular basis.

Another consideration when choosing the right dog for you and the family is do you want a purebred or a crossbreed. Purebreds will more than likely cost you more money right away. Certain breeds have certain traits and can be prone to certain health issues. You really need to investigate the breed you are interested in before running out and buying one. Also if you opt for a purebred you need to find a good reputable breeder.

Can you afford a dog? When choosing the right dog for you and the family you need to consider the expense that comes with ownership. There are regular trips to the vets for shots and heartworm and then there are the unexpected trips to the vets. Emergency visits to the vets can be expensive and is something you should factor in when choosing the right dog.

Dogs are not throwaway items. They are a lifetime commitment. So when choosing a dog try and make sure you are choosing the right dog for your sake and the dogs’.

choosing the right dog
choosing the right dog

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    • Brian
    • September 16, 2017

    Wow, thank you for posting this. These are things I’ve certainly never thought about in the past when it comes to choosing the right dog. Sometimes it might to envision where you might be in the future and whether that future will be a good fit for a dog or not. I never really thought about possible grooming necessities that comes with getting a dog. What would you suggest if you want a dog, but you know you’re not going to be home a lot especially during the day because of work or other obligations?

      • Maureen
      • September 16, 2017

      Hi Brian  If you are going to be working all day maybe you can get someone to come over and let your dog out for a pee break.  Also maybe you should think about adopting an older dog from the shelter.  One that is     housebroken and not high energy.  There are a lot of great dogs in shelters just waiting for their forever home.

    • Robert
    • September 16, 2017

    Choosing the right dog.

    Wow! The title says it all.

    Much responsibility with having a dog. Something I wish everyone considered before taking the plunge. Thank you for remind me and others the importance of planning before a decision is made.

    My first dog I was not prepared for and could have been answered by the question and information provided here.

    I love the graphic which aptly displays the surprises that can occur when unprepared.

    How long have you been a dog owner?

      • Maureen
      • September 16, 2017

      Hi Robert I have been a dog owner as long as I can remember.  Life just doesn’t seem complete without a dog in it.  I owned dobermans for about 40 years but right now we have a pound puppy(she is going on 5) who is a shepherd/lab cross.

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