Online Dog Trainer Review

This is dog training for puppies and older dogs found online in the form of videos. The creator of this training product, Daniel Abdelnoor is affectionately referred to as Doggy Dan and he has been in business since 2006.

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To Breed Or Not To Breed

Some pet owners when they get a dog for some reason feel that spaying and neutering is a waste of money.  They may feel, especially if they have a female that their dog should have one litter and then have her spayed.  Those that have male dogs believe that their dog loses their “manliness” if […]

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Learning How To Train Your Dog To Do Tricks Can Be a Lot of Fun

Training a dog can be quite rewarding.  The more you put into it the more you get out of it.  Most dog owners will take the time to train their dogs the basic commands like sit, stay, come, heel and down.  Often they will leave it at that but some dog owners like to show […]

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Hearing Dogs For Deaf People

I read an interesting article online the other day about what a non-profit organization in Japan is doing about the problem of abandoned dogs. This organization, although they cannot rescue all the dogs, have opened a facility in Yokohama, Japan that will implement a training program for these abandoned dogs to be trained as service dogs […]

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How To Deal With Separation Anxiety In Dogs

In order to know how to deal with separation anxiety in dogs we first need to know what it is and what causes it. It is surprising how many dogs actual suffer from separation anxiety.  Research shows that between 10 – 14% of puppies and dogs suffer from separation anxiety. What Is It? Simply put […]

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Establish Yourself As Pack Leader

  Dog training has changed a lot over the last few years and one term we have been hearing more and more often  is “Pack Leader”.  Is it important to establish yourself as pack leader?  Will it help to train your dog better?  Will your dog listen to you more if you are the pack […]

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How To Stop Your Puppy From Jumping Up

Is it really necessary to learn how to stop your puppy from jumping up?  Definitely!  Right now your puppy is not that big but if he is a large breed dog and you do not correct this behaviour now when he is full grown he could actually hurt you or someone else. Puppies jump up […]

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Aggression – One Of The Most Feared Dog Behavior Problems

One thing that many dog owners fear is when their dog shows sign of aggression.  There are many dog behavior problems that owners deal with but aggression is the one that usually ends up with the dog being surrendered to a shelter. I would have to say that the majority of dogs are aggressive by […]

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Are Dominant Dogs Trainable?

Have you ever had a dog that you considered aggressive towards other dogs? Have you ever been in the situation that when you are walking your dog you run into another dog and your normally calm dog turns into Cujo. You usually tend to do a couple of things. Maybe when you see the dog […]

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Deciding How To Train Your Dog

When you first bring that cute little puppy home have you given any thought as to how you are going to train your dog?  If this is your first dog you may have not looked at all your options when it comes to the training of your new puppy. Of course we all know one […]

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