Dog Training

Hazards of Potty Training a Puppy In The Winter – Bundle Up

Potty training a new puppy can be a bit of a challenge at the best of times but during the winter you are faced with many more obstacles for this task. So just keep in mind when you are potty training a puppy in the winter you are going to be faced with a few […]

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The Best Way To Potty Train A Puppy

​​The best way to potty train a puppy and help him learn good bathroom habits, is to use a crate.  Dogs don’t like using the bathroom near where they sleep or spend much time, so take advantage of this natural preference of dogs and teach them at a very young age to use the bathroom outside or in a desired […]

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Positive Dog Training

When it comes to dog training there are many opinions on this subject.  Over the years there have  been many changes to the way trainers train dogs.  Today most trainers try to use positive dog training methods.  With earlier methods it was believed that a dog had to submit to its owner, so some of […]

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