What Are The Benefits of a Raw Food Diet For Dogs?

For many of us who have owned a dog or who now have a dog what we fed our dog was never a big issue. We fed them puppy food until about a year old then we switched to adult food until they were around 7 and then we switched them to senior food. Now […]

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Learning How To Use Dog Nail Clippers

One of the things that dog owners need to learn quickly is how to use dog nail clippers. Learning this when the puppy is very young will make the world of difference in the future. Clipping your dog’s nails on a regular basis is a chore that many dog owners overlook. They may overlook this […]

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Reasons That Can Affect How You Train Your Dog

Medical Before you start to train your dog it is a good idea to make sure your dog is healthy. Unforeseen medical conditions may affect the way your dog responds to certain stimuli. One such ailment that could affect your dog’s behaviour is hip dysplasia and related arthritic conditions. In the early stages these medical […]

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Ways To Stop Dogs From Digging

Well here we go again another problem that many dog owners have. They want to find ways to stop dogs from digging. Now you are going to see a common thread when we approach any behavioural problem we have with our four-legged buddies. The common thread is for every issue we have with our dog’s […]

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How To Stop My Dog From Barking

In order to learn how to stop my dog from barking I first need to know why is my dog barking and what is he barking at. It is very natural for a dog to bark and some dogs do bark more than others. Reasons For Barking • Warning another animal • Sounding the alarm […]

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Not All Dog Aggression Is The Same

One of the most feared bad dog behaviour is dog aggression. It is also the number one reason why pet owners seek the help of professionals. Types of Dog Aggression Dominant Defensive Possessive Territorial Parental Plus others A dog can exhibit more than one type of aggression.  So when dealing with dog aggression it is […]

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How To Train Your Dog To Come When Called

One of the most important things that you can teach your puppy is to come when called. It is also, I believe, to be one of the hardest things to teach your puppy/dog. So do you know how to train your dog to come when called? Do you have any idea as to where and […]

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Teaching Your Puppy Not To Pull On a Leash

While we are thinking of bringing that cute puppy home and daydreaming about the nice long walks the two of us will be going on it just seems so picture perfect. Your puppy has a ways to go before they will be walking nicely with you down the road. In fact you may find yourself […]

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Secrets To Dog Training Review

Secrets To Dog Training Rating 4/5 Price:  $39.95 Owner:  Daniel Stevens Website:  www.kingdomofpets.com Secrets To Dog Training – What Is It? Secrets To Dog Training is an online dog training course that was developed by dog trainer Daniel Stevens.  This course has been online for many years and was originally called Kingdom of Pets.  Over […]

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When Should You Start Training A Puppy To Walk On A Leash

One of the first things you try and teach your new puppy is to not go potty in the house. While teaching your puppy to go potty outside it is best to have them on a leash. So although you may not start training a puppy to walk on a leash you are going to […]

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